No me toques las plumas!/Don´t touch my plume!
(Parte segunda/Part two)

The distinctive character of the Ist Dynasty, which separates it from all that went before, is the conquest and the union of the whole land of Egypt. It became thus subject to the falcon-bearing tribe of Horus, which was the natural enemy of the Aumu, the Set-bearing tribe. This falcon tribe had certainly originated in Elam, as indicated by the hero and lions on the Araq Knife handle xxxxv. They went down the Persian Gulf and settled in the 'Horn of Africa'. There they named the 'Land of Punt', sacred ti later Egyptians as the source of the race…Those who went up the Read Sea formed the dynastic invaders of Egypt, entering by the Qoceir-Koptos road. Others went on to Syria and founded Tyre, Sidon and Aradus named after their home islands in the Persian Gulf (Strabo XVI, iii, 4)."
(The Archaeology of the Arabian Gulf. Michael Rice. Routledge.London&New York.1994 : 49)
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